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Monday, August 13, 2012

God Knew Better

When my niece was born last year I thought it was just happy coincidence that our birthdays were so close together. What better gift than a new niece for your birthday. I would've been happy with a pony but a new niece?!?!?! C'mon! That's like THE best gift ever! Now, a year later, I'm convinced she is part of God's perfect plan.

This birthday for me marked the big 3-6. You know... the day the fertility died (if it ever lived). The day that according to doctors, if I hadn't gotten pregnant by I never would. At times, all I could hear was that music of doom that they always have in the movies. It could've been super depressing. Instead it wasn't too shabby. My coworkers treated me to a card, cake and decorations. My husband took me to a lovely dinner at a restaurant that serves delicious Argentinian cuisine. Then we went to my favorite craft store. I only got a little sad as I sat on my yard swing in the cool evening breeze and had a moment to think about the day and what it could mean for my future.
It didn't last long. I had things to do. I was making my niece's birthday cake. She was having a "Sweet as can Bee" birthday party. I had to get my creative juices flowing and figure out what design I wanted to do. This is how it turned out. :)
You see, God knew that I would need a distraction on my 36th birthday. That's why she was born the day after I turned 35. It all makes perfect sense to me now! Instead of me having a pity party, we were celebrating her first year. It was a year full of the usual milestones...that moment when she joined our family, the first smile, rolling over for the first time, first foods, the first crawl, then about 2 weeks later (it seemed) the first steps and our personal favorite, dancing. I'm so very blessed to have such a close relationship with her and her parents and I've been around to see some of those firsts. When I thought that I would have nothing to celebrate when I turned 36, God knew better. And what better reason to celebrate than a new life, just beginning, full of joy, innocence and beauty. In that, I was able to see beauty in my life.

Looking forward to many more birthdays together!

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  1. Love the cake! Love the QB! Love the Auntie!