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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gentle Reminder?

Note to Self and all of my loving, supportive friends and family...but mostly to myself. 

The first baby that comes to our home may not be the one we get to KEEP in our home.  I need to keep telling myself this.

 One of my friends who was also waiting with bated breath for THE CALL received her call on Friday.  I was so excited for her and her husband.  Theeeeeeen the baby went back to the family on Monday.  I know it must've been so difficult to finally receive the call and pick up a days old infant to bring to your waiting home, nursery, heart, only to have them returned to family days later.  If she's anything like me, it was love at first sight.  You go into this knowing that this may be the case for any call you receive.  That's what foster care is...you're providing a home for a child until they can return to their home.  The ultimate goal for the state is reunification.  This is what I worry about...how will I respond/react?   but I still feel like this is what God is calling us to do right now.  I know that if it happens that a child placed in our home eventually returns to their parents or another family member, this is God's will for them at this time.  They will always hold a special place in my heart...my poor, crying, broken heart. 

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  1. We visited with our friend in Panama City, Florida this week. She was a foster mom for 120 or 125 (I forget which) children. She was able to love them and let them go. She is in the eighties now and still talks about "her children". Praying for you my sweet Tamra. Love you and Cliff.