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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brief Update

A couple of updates from today...

1) Sweet Pea had a follow up appointment with her pulmonary doctor today. For those not aware, she had severe respiratory problems when she came to us.  At an appointment last November,  she had a chest xray that showed an abnormality.  It was thought to be scar tissue from all the respiratory infections, some sort of cyst or  possibly a genetic anomaly that she was born with.  At the time, the doctor felt safe waiting to follow up in 9 months which brings us to today.   Sweet Pea had another xray today that indicated there's been no improvement.  The problem is if there's a cyst of some sort it can get infected and lead to serious problems. It would need to be surgically removed.  The doctor has recommended a cat scan of her chest to try determine more clearly what is in her lung.  She will need to be sedated for this which frightens the crap out of me! Please pray that the cat scan will give definitive answers and that whatever is in her lung  will not require surgery.
Sweet Pea update #2
Things are definitely on track for her to return to her family very soon. We met with the social worker today and the date we've been given is between September 10 and 12th approximately. Yes I've been crying most of the afternoon.  Yes I will likely burst into tears if you give me the "I'm sorry" look or if you hug me. This is your fair warning.

Prayers are greatly appreciated for the coming weeks as we face the challenge of letting her go.

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