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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Round 3

So if we're Facebook friends you already are aware of some of this info but I'm well aware that I have blog readers that are not on FB so here's the DL on what's going on this cycle.

I had a couple of acupuncture appointments this week and a couple of ultrasounds to check for follicles.  The first ultrasound I had indicated that I had multiple follicles this time, about 5 on one side and 4 on the other.  Seems like good odds right?? Unfortunately the next ultrasound I had indicated that there hadn't been much, if any change in the follicle size.  Didn't seem like the meds had worked this time either, but Dr Su wanted me to come in again to check one more time.  So after 2 days of fervent prayer I went in again this morning for another scan.  I had Cliff go with me because if I hadn't responded to the meds again I was going to bring up the ovarian drilling procedure again.  Evidently Dr Su had a difficult time finding my left ovary with the ultrasound wand and it was quite uncomfortable as he searched for it.  Finally he found it and my follicles :)  Yep multiple follicles that are the right size for us to pursue another IUI.  So I went into Urgent Care for a nurse to do my HCG trigger injection tonight and looks like we're a go for Monday.  When the nurses did the injections in my hips, evidently I bled quite a bit because both of the nurses we're like "Oh! You are QUITE the bleeder!  What are your periods like?!"  Lady, don't even get me started! lol
It always makes me nervous getting the injections in urgent care because they don't always have alot of experience with mixing the HCG injection and they have to sit and read the instructions that come with the vials.  I always worry "are they mixing them right? did they give me the right dose and still leave enough for next weeks shots?"  I just have to trust that they know better than I about the mixing (although I do usually have to educate them a little about the process).

So anyhoooo, if you could please pray for us on Monday (and for the next two weeks) I would sure appreciate it.

The last blog I wrote I asked if any readers had questions for me about my personal experiences or about PCOS.  Surprisingly, I did actually have some questions sent in.

The first question comes from a "big fan"/stalker of mine. <her words, not mine  She's also a dear friend who asks...

Q: Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Are you going to 
     have your endocrinologists  test you for that?
A: No thankfully, I have not yet been diagnosed with Diabetes. 
     I've had normal glucose tolerance tests.  I did have two 
     tests indicating high insulin levels  but the second test value 
     had improved after I began a regimen of metformin.  I do plan 
     on bringing these tests up when I see the Endocrinologist
     in December. 
So more to come on that :)
The next couple of blogs I will address the questions regarding surrogates 
and also about dealing with infertility and the holidays. 
Again, thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  They are greatly appreciated!

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