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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Here I Go Again

I am nothing if not persistent... or stubborn, whatever you want to call it.  I don't give up easily.  So today, I try again.  Today we are having our 3rd IUI.  Gotta admit I'm a little scared.  What if this one doesn't work either?  Then I know that we have to move on to the more complicated/expensive stuff. 

The good news is I think I may actually be ovulating this time.  Even on fertility meds I still have long cycles and I think we've just been premature in our timing up to this point.  I had ultrasound on Tuesday (CD 15) that showed I *actually* had a follicle that was *actually* the size we need for it to be!  Exciting!!  I told hubby and he seemed happy about the progress.  Few things are funnier than your husband talking towards his lap saying "Alright boys!  Better bring your "A" game!" TMI?? lol

I've also started "temping"...monitoring your basal temperature (your body temp when you first wake up).  Your body temp fluctuates based on where you are in your cycle and you can determine if ovulation has occurred by the drops/spikes in temp.  Thank God for a phone app that keeps track and charts it for you otherwise I might lose my mind. 

I was a baking fool on Monday.  Had appointments with both Dr Su and Dr Woon on Tuesday.  I wanted to take them a little something to show my appreciation for their dedication to "my cause".  I tried to do that with magic cookie bars and blondie brownies because I swear there aren't words enough to express my gratitude.  Dr Su, yet again, came in on his day off to see me.  I'm almost sure he's an angel 0:-)

Dr Woon is now out of the office for the next two weeks...yes, right at the time when I need him most.  He has been kind enough to refer me to another acupuncturist for treatments for these two weeks.  Getting a hold of her has been a royal pain and she's not returned my calls.  I really don't need the stress of trying to schedule appointments with her.  I doubt that as a secondary referral/new patient that she will be as accommodating as Dr Woon has been, which is kind of worrying me.

I'm scared of the depression that I'm sure will set in if this doesn't work.  I just want to get pregnant just so I know it's even possible!  I usually get depressed around this time of year anyway but to have this struggle on top of my usually holiday blues will be excruciating...again.  I will likely not blog again until after the holidays.  For one, I'll just be busy, as I'm sure you will be, getting ready for the holiday get-togethers.  For another, this is the usual 2 week waiting period to see if this IUI "takes" or not. (Here's your fair warning that my first blog of 2012 may be a little depressing)  I'm trying to stay positive but in the face of so much disappointment it's quite taxing on a soul...my soul to be exact.  So in two weeks we will be heading into a New Year.  Here's hoping that 2012 starts off on a POSITIVE note. 

I pray Peace and Joy for you and your families this holiday season.
Have a Merry CHRISTmas!

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