Our Infertility Adoption Story- There's No Such Thing As An Unwanted Child or Pregnancy

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Rolling Ball And A Blessing

At the last writing I was kind of stressing over the remodel of our bathroom and selecting an agency to begin our adoption process.  Well, the bathroom is completed and looks great (I think).

Before...                                                                      After!!!

This transformation only took 6 days to complete.  However, it was a loooooooong 6 days!

We also decided the route we want to take in pursuing an adoption.  We've contacted the local Youth for Christ office.  They have a foster to adopt program and we are thinking this is what we should do.  I wasn't sure that I could do a foster to adopt situation.  I'm scared to death that a child would be placed in my home and then taken from me to be reunited with their birth family.  Then I found out that I can determine the "type" of child/placement we want.  For instance, I can specify that I would prefer that a child that is placed with us be mostly "legally free".  This means that they will most likely be put up for adoption.  This can be determined by previous history (has the birthmom had other children taken from her by CPS? were parental rights terminated? etc), could be a "safe haven" baby,  things like that.  I submitted the "foster care interest" form online at about 8am and received a call from YFC at about 10am!  The lady I spoke with said she would get an information packet in the mail to me.  I received that the next day.  There are quite a few forms to complete but I look forward to the writer's cramp :)  There is a lot to do in this process...CPR/HIV classes, PRIDE classes, physicals (for us and the animals), finger printing, background checks, bio's to complete...Wow!  Lots to do, but we got the ball rolling!
Switching topics for a bit...I attended two funerals/memorials today.  My heart was so heavy for my friends who had to say goodbye to their loved ones.  I prayed that I would be able to be an encouragement to my friends in the midst of their loss.  One of the services was for my friend's mom.  She lived to be 83  years old and was a very Godly woman.  At the service I learned that she had been a missionary in Hawaii, that she would host Bible clubs for children in her home and that she was a fervent prayer warrior.  I didn't know her but if a woman's child is any testament to her character, seeing what an awesome guy her son is, she was a remarkable woman.  During the service, my friend Beth spoke of her mother in law and how, even in the darkest stages of dementia she had a clarity of mind when she prayed.  Beth would share a concern with mom and she was faithful to pray for the concern/request.  I later found out that our situation was one that she had lifted in prayer.  Also during the service, I was blessed to hear one of my favorite hymns "It Is Well", sung in Samoan...sung by a choir of her friends and family.  It was one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard.  Here I had prayed that I would be an encouragement and I was the one being encouraged.  What a blessing!


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