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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's A Girl!!!

I originally wrote this blog to auto post on Thursday when we were supposed to take custody of Sweet Pea.  Needless to say I had to do some editing...

As you know we received our foster care license last week on Tuesday.  On my lunch break, on Wednesday, I received a call from YFC.  It was their person who handles the placements.  She was calling to just go over the general information that we would get in a placement call, kind of like a practice call.  She said "For instance, you'll probably say no to this one but here's the kind of information we'll give you.  We have a 3 month old little girl, currently in foster care and needing a new home for the next 6-9 months.  She'll either be reunited with her parents or adopted by a family member.  In the mean time she needs a home."  She proceeded to tell us more about the baby's background and said "What do you think?"  Now Cliff and I had already pretty much decided that we were going in to this as a ministry, not just to get a baby to adopt, and would not say "no" to anything God brought before us.  If He doesn't want a certain child with us, He's going to have to say no because I know I wouldn't be able to.  There was a catch with this little girl though.  The state didn't want her in daycare because of her tendency to get sick easily.  Any child that comes to us will have to go to daycare :(  The lady from YFC was shocked I said yes since she knew we were looking to adopt and we would not be able to adopt this child.  She said she would have to contact the state worker to see if they were willing to forgo the daycare thing.  She stated she would call me back.  Thursday came....and went.  Friday came...and went. I figured "good...it wasn't my idea of my dream situation and this is God's way of saying 'No'".  Then Monday came.  The lady from YFC called again.  They had been unable to find another home for this baby and she wanted to know if we were still willing to take her, knowing it would not be a long term situation.  I called Cliff just to make sure we were still on the same page before I called her back.  He agreed and I called to tell her that yes we were still willing and able to take care of her.  She was going to call back the state social worker and tell her that Baby Girl had a new home.  She had said that the social worker was planning on transferring custody on Thursday.  I waited for the call on Tuesday to finalize details about when we would pick her up on Thursday.  I got a voicemail from YFC saying "Change of plans, can you pick her up tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:30am.  I called them back to say I would be able to pick her up then and the worker said "Change of plans again...Can you pick her up today?"  So yesterday we became parents.  I have waited my whole life for this moment in time.  I never dreamed this day would actually come.  I can't believe this is really happening.  I have to keep reminding myself to breathe.    I think about the things we have planned for this weekend and realize now we'll have a baby in tow!  IT IS BLOWING MY MIND!!!
Now I know this is temporary.  We only get to have her for 6-9 months until courts decide her fate, but for now...for this moment in time, she's mine.  I'm already sad that it seems we'll have to give her to her forever home around the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.  For my sake, I really hope this happens either well in advance of the holiday season or that we get to keep her through the holidays.
She's a great baby!  She only fusses when she's hungry.  She slept from 11:00pm last night until about 7:45am this morning. Wish the same could be said for me ;)  She has some minor health issues.  She's just getting over RSV and has to have nebulizer treatments.  I wonder how much albuterol she inhaled versus how much I inhaled while giving her the treatment.  Her previous foster mom said she has a seizure disorder so she's on phenobarbital for that.  She does not like that medicine and is an expert at not swallowing it.  I'm concerned that she may not be getting enough of it in her system because she's a pro at just holding her mouth open and letting it just ooze out. I even tried to give it to her while she was sleeping.  I thought her natural sucking reflex would take over and I'd get it down her.  Nope!  She is wise to my ways.  I have to contact her Neuro doc and her pediatrician today to see what kind of follow up she needs.

On the way home last night I stopped at Target to buy diapers and the cashier says "What a beautiful baby! How old is she?'  I replied "3 1/2 months"  She said "Is she sleeping through the night for you yet?"  I said "I don't know.  I've only been her mom for about and hour and a half!"  That kind of got a funny look until I explained I am her foster mom.

Out of respect for her birth parents and for her protection, we've decided not to post any identifying pictures of her on Facebook or on this blog.  If you want to see her, you'll have to come visit ;)  Exceptions will be made for family out of state.  If you want to see her, message me your cell number or email and I'll text or email pics.  We do plan on having an Open House so people can come visit and meet our lil Sweet Pea.

I ask you to please pray for the following:

1)  That Baby Girl will transition easily to our home, that she will thrive and grow strong in our care.  Please pray for her health, that she'll recover quickly from the RSV and even maybe be healed of the seizure disorder

2)  That I am able to find a daycare that has an opening for an infant.  (the one I picked and all of my back ups don't have any openings to take an infant!)

3)  That God will comfort me in the grief when she leaves us

Thank you for all of your love and support in this, the most amazing journey of my life

It may be a while before I blog again.  I plan on being busy being a mommy :)

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