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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Roller Coaster

Wow!   What a ride this week has been.  Monday started off a little rough for me.  I started my cycle and was devastated that the IUI had failed again.  I broke down at work and barely made it through my day.  I just felt like I'd been beaten up.  This was my lowest of lows.  Then on Tuesday I ended up calling in sick to work. Remember in my previous post where I had said "Dear Lord please dont let my period be as bad as the last time"?  Well it wasn't as bad...but it was a close second.  I spent Tuesday curled in the fetal position in my bed.
Then came Wednesday...which also happened to be my 35th birthday.  I started my morning off with a free birthday coffee from Starbucks, then off to a pedicure (which unfortunately was rather mediocre-I could've done better myself).  After my pedi I went to lunch with my dad who is visiting from Florida.  The last time he and I were able to have lunch on my birthday I was 16.  It was really nice and we had a great time with great conversation. Then that evening I went to dinner with my mom...again, good food and great conversation.  I really enjoyed being able to visit with both of my parents.  Once home, as I reflected on the day and the significance of 35 I began to sink a little.  You see, all of my doctors have said the same thing almost verbatim..."The average woman's fertility drops dramatically at the age of 36.  A woman with PCOS?  It drops even more dramatically".  Basically they're saying that if I don't get pregnant by the age of 36 it is likely that I never will. Thus begins the countdown....as of this writing I have 362 days to get pregnant.  No pressure...Overall I had a good birthday, even with the proverbial cloud looming. :)
Thursday brought quite the excitement for our family. My brother and his wife had their baby!  My beautiful niece Quinn was born.  Isn't she gorgeous!? I've so enjoyed getting to hold her and look forward to many more days of snuggling and teaching her all about NKOTB ;)  We've already had our first discussion about who Jordan Knight is.  She was thrilled...
Friday was rather uneventful. I went to work then went to dinner with the hubby for my birthday. (he'd had to work late both Wednesday and Thursday so Friday was my night)  After dinner we went by my brother's house so Uncle Cliff could meet his new niece. (and so I could hold her some more). 
Honestly, I do have selfish motives for holding her so much.  I have a theory (yeah I'm full of 'em) that being around babies stimulates my hormones.  Having PCOS, I don't have regular cycles at all.  I can go for months without.  BUT let me hold a baby and I start a period within the week.  It's weird...I'm almost sure this theory was confirmed the last two days as I held Quinn and started feeling quite uncomfortable...like my ovaries were swelling...weird I know. 
I did start round 2 of Clomid on Friday. I have an appointment on Wednesday for acupuncture before going in on Thursday for a scan to check for follicles.  Note to self: Hold Quinn A LOT on Wednesday.

I am off work the next couple of days and hope to use the time wisely in cleaning and getting organized in my home and also spending some quality time with little Quinn.
Have a blessed week

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