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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stupid Creaky Old House

So you know how when you're home alone you can hear EVERY little creak, hum, buzz, rustling that goes on in the house?  Yeah, that's how I'm feeling the past couple of days.  I'm alone in my head (I think) and every little thing makes me go "WHAT WAS THAT!??!"  I've been feeling "weird" for the last two days.  Now before you go getting all excited it is very likely that it is just side effects from the HCG injection and the warm weather.
I get dizzy..."OMG!  What was that?" I feel nauseous..."Is that morning sickness?"  I'm super tired..."Is that a pregnancy symptom?" Certain body parts are SUPER sensitive..."Oh no!  Is that PMS?"  The HCG IS the pregnancy hormone and is very likely the cause of any of these symptoms.  I have nothing else to distract me right now so I hear or feel every little "creak".  Every little pain, twinge or "creak" I get makes me get excited and think "Holy crap!  Could I REALLY be pregnant this time?"   It is still too early for me to test and I am going KUH-RAZE-EEE with all these things that I'm feeling.  I feel like it's some cruel trick my mind is playing on me and I get mad (uh-oh! Mood swings!  Pregnancy or PMS?!!? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!)  I really appreciate all the prayers that you all have offered up on my behalf.  I'm pretty sure that's the only thing keeping me from absolutely just losing my frikkin mind. :)  Thanks again for all the support!

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