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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ugh!  This waiting is KILLING me!!  Why can't we be like some alien creature that knows the instant they've conceived?!? (I admit it, we've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately)  I had my second HCG injection and the 2nd of 3 visits to the acupuncturist on Friday.  I'll have another acupuncture appointment on Wednesday.  I know my mom must giggle to read about me going to an acupuncturist.  You see, I used to be the kid that screamed bloody murder getting shots or blood draws at the doctor.  I remember one time it took my mom and about 5 other people to do a finger stick blood draw on me.  Now I willingly (somewhat) go to get poked?!  Comical...
One of my fears is not only that I wont be pregnant but that I will end up having a period from hell like I did in March.  It was the first time combining acupuncture with Clomid and I apparently had "hyperstimulation of the ovaries".  It was baaaad...I was like 3 points away from needing a transfusion, couldn't drive for 2 days and took about 4 for me to finally get some color back in my cheeks.  "Dear God, I'd really like to NOT go thru that again...Please"
Some people may read my blog and question why I put so much personal information out there... "Oh my gosh, she said ovaries and period...*gasp* shock/horror!!  The reason I am specific about what's going on is because even though most of the time I feel like I'm the only one going thru this...I KNOW I'm not alone.  There ARE other ladies out there dealing with PCOS and infertility.  I do this not only as an outlet for me but I do it for them as well.
I've met someone online who had her IUI 2 days after I did.  I can't tell you what a relief it's been to not go thru this alone.  (If you could also keep her in your prayers that would be awesome) We've been doing the same exact things this week. We've both been checking websites that give you a "your pregnancy Day by day" chart.  We've both been shopping for maternity clothes but don't dare to buy anything.  I know that if this IUI worked my due date would be April 14th which is my WaBFF's and my SIL's birthday.  I know that all of this will only add to my disappointment if the IUI wasn't successful. I want to remain positive.  I say that I'm not getting my hopes up but obviously that's a big fat frikkin lie.  I want this to be the time that it FINALLY works!!  I want to be able to surprise my family with the news we've all waited SO long for.  I've been thinking about cute little ways to make the big announcement.  I have a couple of ideas and can't wait for the day when I can put the plans into action!
I am only 7 days post IUI...feels like it's been an eternity.  I have about one week before I would start a period if I'm not pregnant.  If that doesn't happen then I will begin testing to see if the HCG levels rise or fall.  So the only thing that makes this past week not seem so bad is knowing that next week will be even LONGER!!!   Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  Most times I am a very patient person...this is one area of my life where patience is definitely not my strong suit.  Please continue to pray for me. 
  • that this week goes by quickly
  • that I will be patient
  • that I will be strong enough to handle if the IUI was unsuccessful
thank you!

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  1. Praying hard for you guys down here in the FLA! =) I can't imagine having to wait two weeks. I'm definitely not good with waiting for important things.