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Friday, July 15, 2011

"A Watched Pot Never Boils"

Had my appointment today with Dr Su.  He's so awesome!  I've heard that most of his patients are fertility patients so I gather this is a science that he pretty much has nailed down to the best of his capability.  He's great about getting you in for all the scans and checks that need to be done to see if ovulation is occuring.  I'm so appreciative that I don't have to hear "Sorry, there's no appointments available".  I know he comes in on weekends and such if that happens to be "the time" for his patients.  He's a great doctor and I'm so fortunate to be one of his patients.  Anyhow, enough about him...let's talk about me ;)
My appointment was a work-in appointment and I was just supposed to check in when I got off work at 3pm.  I was in a room by 3:30!  The nurse was SUPER nice and paid attention to a LOT of details (like my latex allergy, which comes into play during the ultrasound).  Anyhow so I'm on the table for the ultrasound, which is a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  Now "trans-vaginal" must translate to "near the throat" because I swear that's how far up the doc was scanning. Kidding!  Don't want to scare any of my friends who may end up having the same processes to follow.  Really it's not as uncomfortable as you might imagine...not something I want to go thru every day but it's no HSG (see previous blog). So Dr Su scans and wands my ovaries, measures the follicles and all that.  Turns out I have a follicle in play but it's only 1cm.  Not sure how big it NEEDS to be but evidently 1cm isn't it.  I have to go back on Monday for another ultrasound and if it's the right size then insemination will be Wednesday.
I REALLY wish I could be like most people and just get pregnant the good old fashioned way.  I HATE that it's so clinical and planned.  I want our baby to be conceived in a night of passion not a clinical setting.  Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of "want".  NOTHING about this is convenient.  I have Wednesday off.  Cliff however, does not, but on Wednesday it IS kind of required for him to be there.  I only have three shots at this...kind of nervous with all the "what-ifs"... 
Alright, so....more to come on Monday.  Will keep you posted...Get it? Blog? Post?  I crack myself up!

Laters ;)

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  1. I had to laugh at Cliff having "three shots" at this. :) Ha ha ha! Praying!