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Friday, July 22, 2011

Game Plan

Okie doke...So I finally "got to" get scanned again yesterday.  It was more uncomfortable than it has been in the past.  I'm assuming that's because there's more hormonal activity going on than I'm used to.  The follicle had grown to be about 1.82cm.  Dr Su feels that we can still do intrauterine insemination (IUI) during this cycle even tho the follicle is slow growing.  So the game plan is for me to go into Urgent Care at 8pm tonight to receive an injection of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) . It is used to simulate the LH surge that "normal" women get when they are ovulating.  It will be two shots, one in each hip.  I should ovulate about 36 hours later (approximately 8am on Sunday Morning...I counted).  We have an appointment on Sunday morning to go to the lab for a "sperm wash".  Then once we have the little guys back we'll page the doctor to meet us at Urgent Care for the IUI procedure.  This should be taking place around 11am or noon-ish if you want to say a quick prayer for me at that time.  (if you want I could send a text message to remind you :) just let me know. email your number to me at lilpoobear76@gmail.com)
I'm experiencing extremely mixed emotions...I want to be positive and say "this WILL work this time!" but at the same time I don't want to get my hopes up.  I'd rather go in expecting it NOT to work and then being pleasantly surprised if it does.  The thing is, it will be about 2 weeks longer than "normal" for me to find out if I'm pregnant (if I don't start a period) because the HCG is the same hormone that a pregnancy test looks for.  So if I do a pregnancy test before the injection wears off it will show that I'm pregnant whether I am or not. Talk about screwing with a gal's emotions!
After the IUI on Sunday I need to see my acupuncturist Dr Woon a couple of times a week for the next two weeks.  These acupuncture treatments will hopefully stimulate my uterus to produce the blood supply that the possible growing embryo will need...to sort of help me hold on to it.
I'm also planning on seeing a Chiropractor soon.  A couple of years ago I tweeked my back getting clothes out of the dryer and  I've had sciatic problems since then.  Well I've read that lower back problems can contribute to infertility as well, since the required nerves or blood vessels could be compromised by a misalignment.  Kinda of nervous about that too since I've never had anyone crack my back!

And even tho I'm not happy about some of the changes at work I have to praise the Lord for my job and the health benefits I get as a result.  The first time we tried IUI NOTHING was covered. Now I get partial coverage.  Medications that cost me between $80 and $120 a pop last time? Now cost just my $15 copay! I could've cried the first time I went to fill the prescription! Thank you God!  Maybe this is Your way of saying that NOW is finally the time.  Help me to remember that Your timing is perfect. (Oh and it's ok that I'm missing church this one time to try to get pregnant, right?)

More later...


  1. I totally want a reminder text. You have my number. :) PS- my sciatic pain got WAY worse went PG. Just saying....

  2. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to pray at the special time!!!! The boys, hubby and I have been keeping you in our prayers!!!