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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Watched Pot" Part 3 ('scuse the rambling)

I've said it before and I'll say it again...NOTHING about this process is easy or convenient. 
My mother in law had an appointment this morning.  I had hoped to get in with Dr Su during the same time frame so I wouldn't have to make another trip in.  No dice...he was in surgery until 3:30pm.  I was on his schedule at 3:45pm, checked in about 3:15pm and was in a room by 3:30pm.  Then I proceeded to sit there and wait...and wait...  They really ought to make the walls thicker because I "got to" sit and listen to the gal in the next room talk about "we found out it is twins!...what will I do with two babies?  Is there anything special I should do with twins? (um...buy extra diapers??) etc"  It took everything in me to not run in there and punch her in the face.  Ugh SOMEBODY shoot me now!!  Aaaaaanyhoooo...I knew that Dr Su was in surgery and I knew I more than likely would not be seen until at least 4pm.  By 4pm the nurse came back and said that Dr Su was still in surgery and she was told it would probably be after 5:00pm before he would be finished.  He was too busy to talk to the nurse at the time so she had no direction for me.  Do I wait around til after 5pm?  Do I hang out in the area and await his call to see if I should come back?  Do I just check in with him tomorrow?  We didn't know.  I have to appreciate that he was too busy at the time to offer any direction.  If I was the patient on the table I would want his undivided attention too. So I decided to go do some shopping and wait for his call.  Gotta be honest, I don't "feel" like I'm ovulating so I don't think I'm missing out on anything.  Usually, on Clomid I can tell when I'm ovulating but not getting that same feeling this time.  I've just been super uncomfortable for about 5 days, getting frequent sharp pains but just feeling the usual "cystic" activity. So I left the office and headed to Babies r Us.  Why? cuz I'm a glutton for punishment? No, because my way of coping is to spoil the babies that I DO have in my life...right now that is my niece Quinn.  She's not even been born yet but this Auntie is spoiling the crap out of her! So I bought some things for her room and got a little sample bottle of Baby Magic Lotion.  I LOVE the smell of that lotion...I seriously get a buzz off of the smell.  My kid will be slathered in that stuff!
I was just killing time waiting for the doc to call back.  Short story long, he finally called back and said for me to just come in tomorrow for the ultrasound.  So I've got to make contact tomorrow on my break.  Good thing I work there I guess.  The waiting continues...

Gotta go...my buzz is wearing off...time for another hit of lotion...

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